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Do you know way too many random facts than a single person should? Have you ever sat down and read the encyclopedia just for kicks? Are you one of those annoying people who shouts out the answers at Jeopardy!, and then argues whether someone's response was accurate or not?

Well then, this is the community for you.

randombutuseful is a community designed with today's geek in mind. Here, you can post random bits of trivia, anecdotal stories, short essays and news articles on the weird and intriguing...anything that's -- you guessed it -- random but useful.

The Rules:

No posts asking questions. If you have a question that you're looking for an answer to, try the community specifically designed for that (thequestionclub).

No spamming, double posting, flaming, or anything else along those lines. If you double post, please be courteous and delete the second post. Thank you.

No arguing over whether or not someone's fact was "right". If you think someone's wrong, you can politely say so in a comment, but don't flame them or call them "stupid". People seen doing this will be banned from the community and reported to LiveJournal Abuse if necessary.

Please stay on topic. Posts about your day to day life are great for your personal journal, but not here.

If a post is going to be really long -- think news article or essay -- be a doll and use the LJ-CUT tag. If you don't know how to do that, please see the FAQ on LJ-specific tags.


Other than that, please just be sure to have fun (believe me, we don't bite), and start sharing those random but useful facts! :o)

This community is maintained by beginning and grass_stained. Please send any questions or comments to randombutuseful@yahoo.com